Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help please contact us.


How does your pricing work?

Almost all products have an initial displayed price of $0 will change upon selection of each variable (i.e. quantity, shape, cardstock, ink etc). Each variation will display an add on price if applicable with +$$ next to the option. 

Once in your cart, you will see the main product with the description of all of your selections with the starting price of $0 next to it. Followed by all of your selected variations with the add on price. 

The subtotal (sum of all selected variations) will display at the bottom of the page. 

Do your invitations come with envelopes?

All our invitations come with standard white envelopes included free.

If you wanted to match your envelope to your invitation colours, you can either do this during the order process with the variant drop downs or find them separately under ‘the LEADUP’ menu.

How many invitations, menus or name tags should I order?

We always recommend ordering extra invites for those 'maybe' guests, keepsakes and photography details on the day.

Count your guest list as couples or households to get your quantity total because Mum, Dad and brother Billy don't need individual invites if they live in the same household. 

For menus and name tags with name customisation, you would be ordering ‘blanks’ as backups for the day.

Do you have a minimum quantity order?

We start most of our main paper products at a quantity of 10 and go up in increments of 10. We wanted to cater to any event size, big or small.

Should I order everything at once?

We usually suggest spreading things out over the course of a few months to a year. You can view our in-depth order guide which includes suggested timelines under ’the INFO’ menu tab.

If you did want to order everything at once, that is also totally fine.

How many proofs do I get, and can I get a physical sample before my final approved proof?

You get three rounds of digital proofs. Please carefully proof read your wording before submitting it to us as we will design your first proof exactly as specified in your order. 

* Additional revisions after the first three will occur a $50 fee per proof.

Once approved, there will be no more changes permitted as the printing process begins immediately.

Colours, Cardstocks, Design & Custom Design

Can I create/pick my own colours to go with any of your designs?

We know that every event has a different vibe, which is why we have created 18 gorgeous colour schemes which include 56 individual colours to complement anyone’s special day.
You can view all of our colours in the colours page on ’the INFO’ tab.

You can order a paper colour guide that shows all of our colour cardstock options..

**Please note
The colours you see on our online colour palettes are to be used as a guide only.
Due to the variable nature of digital printing, there may be small colour shifts between the colour palette and the colour that is printed. This cannot be avoided.
Also, all screen monitors show colours slightly different to an actual paper colour.

Can I see your colour options and cardstock before I order?

You sure can! You can order a paper colour guide that shows all of our colour cardstock options.

Our guide is a great way to touch and feel the textures of our different cardstocks, and also see how beautiful the colours look in person.

Why is it that some ink colours are not available with the coloured cardstock I choose?

Some coloured inks are only available with certain cardstocks because of the printing method used and the tone/texture of the paper. If the ink colour is unavailable when you select the cardstock colour you want this means that you cannot use this ink colour on that particular cardstock.

If you can’t find printing options you like, feel free to email us and we can discuss some options with you.

Can I get Letterpress & Foil press together?

Yes, however it’s not an option on the website. We can arrange this depending on the cardstock colour you choose. Please contact us via email to discuss further if you would like to investigate this as an option.

I'm confused about what wording to use for an invitation, can you help?

When it comes to wording, everyone is different. Our invitation examples on the website may provide some inspiration on what wording to use.

Of course, if you’re really stranded you can let us know when designing your proofs and we can help you along in the process.

Is it possible to have individual names on my stationery?

Yes it is! We call this Variable data, and we offer this printing for our menus, coasters and place cards with our standard ink, white ink and our silver & gold ink options.

If you would like individual guest names on your invitations, please contact us via email to discuss.

Having individual guest names on your event stationery is an easy and effective way to make your guests feel included and important leading up to, and on your big day!

I've created my own design, can you help me bring it to life?

Absolutely we can! We love nothing more than to bring your ideas and designs to life.

If you can’t find anything in our designs that is what you are looking for, you can contact us via email with any designs or ideas you have and we will work together to design something magical.

Note that a custom design fee will apply. The cost of printing your invitations will be on top of that.
Depending on your design, the cost will be reflective of the design and time spent creating your invitation. Please get in touch so that we can discuss this further.

Can we meet in person to look at Maeke samples & discuss ideas?

If you live in Canberra or are travelling through, then yes we can!

We love nothing more than meeting you guys in person and being able to show you samples and discuss your ideas for your special day.

The item I want doesn't include the shape I had in mind, can I change it?

Yes! We can print your stationery on shapes that aren’t an option on the checkout process, just email us and we will sort something out for you.

*Please keep in mind, if you want a shape that is not in our options, there will be an additional fee.

Timeframes & Delivery

I don't understand your shipping options, can you explain them to me?

Of course!

All Australian orders have free Standard Shipping.
Our most common shipping option - standard shipping is sent through our chosen mailing provider. You can expect delivery within 2-8 business days

International Shipping
We also offer international shipping world-wide. This is calculated at checkout.

I've placed my order, how long until it arrives?

Once you have placed your order and approved your design, printing can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on your chosen print method. Shipping time also needs to be factored in.

Check out our order guide in ’the INFO’ menu tab to keep up to date with printing and shipping time frames.

I lost track of time & need my stationery ASAP, can you help?

No worries, we can definitely help. If you need a rush order please contact us and we can see what we can do within the timeframe available. Please be aware that all rush orders will incur an additional fee.

Due to the process and time frame of letterpress & foil press, these print methods are not available for rush jobs.

Do you deliver Worldwide?


International shipping rates are calculated at checkout. For large PVC and Ecoboard signage, you will need to contact us to arrange international shipping.

Do you have a timeframe guide that can help me plan when I place my orders?

Yes, you can view our Order Guide on ‘the INFO’ menu tab.


How do I receive my digital invitation after my purchase?

After you have confirmed your final design, we will email you your digital invitation.
You will receive a folder with a pdf, jpeg and png file in.

Or through our software program that allows you to send them out (animation of an envelope opening to reveal your invitation) via email or txt message and you can then monitor who has opened them and track rsvps. 

What will my digital invitation look like?

Your digital invite is exactly as it sounds - it is the invitation design (your chosen design, shape & colours) saved as pdf, jpeg and png file so you can easily digitally distribute your invitations to your guests either digitally or get them printed elsewhere.

Or if you chose the option through our software program, your invite will be animated and depict an envelope opening to reveal your invitation. This can also be sent via email or text message and you can then monitor who has opened them and track rsvps. 

I can see that a lot of your invitations don't include printed RSVP cards, why is that?

You have a good eye! To keep prices low, stay environmentally smart & take one less step out of the equation. Guests can RSVP via a supplied mobile number, email address or wedding website in replacement of RSVP return cards.

We love that wedding websites allow customisation for each couple. For example, you can include the story of how you met, your Bridal & Groomsmen parties, your family or even a page dedicated to your furry friends.

Of course, if you had your heart set on a printed return RSVP, we can do that without a problem.

What is variable data?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a modern digital printing technology that allows for the personalisation of every printed piece in a single print run. This means you can have individual guest names on your stationery, eg: names on menus, coasters & nametags.

Most of the time, we will collect this information from you after you have confirmed your RSVP & guest list.

Note: letterpress & foiling as a product type option is not available.