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Vinyl Decal

Vinyl Decal

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Want to personalise a backdrop, wall, bar, floor, sign or mirror yourself, then our vinyl decals are for you! Design is custom to your event. Size limitations apply.

Turnaround time

Below are estimate timeframes but we will always aim to get it to you sooner when possible.

Vinyl Decals - 10 business days

+ 1 week shipping

What you get

• A custom vinyl decal which has been cut out to the design with transfer tape on. Size can only be 30cm high by whatever length you choose or that the design goes to.

Once received you need to scrap the front and then peel back the transfer tape along with the vinyl off the backing page and stick on to the surface you want. Please note: you cannot stick these to rough surfaces.

• The vinyl is a solid colour and cannot be printed on to, therefore we are limited to what we can cut out and the thickness we can cut out to.

• Depending on the design you are after, the decal may come in seperate pieces (i.e. two words may be two seperate words not one long piece).

• Three rounds of digital proofs. Please carefully proof read your wording before submitting it to us as we will design your first proof exactly as specified in your order. 

• Additional revisions after the first three will incur a $50 fee per proof. If the size chosen doesn't fit the design you are after, you will be invoiced the difference in cost to achieve your look.


The initial displayed price of $0 will change upon selection of each variable (i.e. quantity, shape, cardstock, ink etc). Each variation will display an add on price if applicable with +$$ next to the option. 

Once in your cart, you will see the main product with the description of all of your selections with the starting price of $0 next to it. Followed by all of your selected variations with the add on price. 

The subtotal (sum of all selected variations) will display at the bottom of the page. 


• All shipping Australia wide is free.

• International shipping is not available.

Image Credit

Image 1 - Sweet Little Sunday + Belcombridgephotography + thepropsmith

Image 2 - Sunshine Events + aerephotography

Image 4 - studioswilso + thepropsmith

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Image 6 - Sunshine Events + Autumnraephotogrpahy

Image 8 - Sunshine Events + Sophiephotographic

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